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As examples, the dashed curves in Fig. 50 D. 25 D, except at the largest, 7 mm, pupil diameter. 154,155 Although the assumption that equal RMS errors produce equal degradation of vision is not completely justified,156,157 it is evident that, in most younger, normal eyes, the impact on vision of optical blur due to axial monochromatic aberrations is likely to be modest under most conditions, although this may not be true for a minority of individuals. 128–134 As an example, the study by Applegate and his colleagues134 generated mean values for the magnitudes of different types of third- and fourth-order aberration for different pupil sizes and ages (coefficients for still higher-order Zernike modes are usually much smaller).

These are most easily observed with point sources in an otherwise dark field, particularly if the pupil is large. 242 Stray light may also arise as a result of fluorescence in the crystalline lens.

18 These index distributions have been modeled as a function of age and accommodation by several authors. , Refs. 1,2,31 These affect both the refractive error (ametropia) and the higher-order aberrations. Ocular Ametropia If the combination of ocular parameters is such that, with accommodation relaxed, a distant object of regard is focused on the retinal fovea, the region where the density of the cone receptors is highest and photopic neural performance is optimal (Fig. 1)¸ the eye is emmetropic.

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