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By Alfred Heubeck, Arie Hoekstra

This moment quantity of a huge three-volume remark compiled via a world workforce of students comprises precise discussions of diction within the Odyssey and the culture of epic diction as a rule.

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_9) = 244-5; 343 ( = 310) = 250; 344 ( = 3 II) cf. 291. 338-g. There is one significant change from 238-9: on this occasion Polyphemus drives the male animals into the cave as well. Odysseus leaves open the question as to whether this is the giant's own idea (oi"aafL£vos, cf. 2I3) or if he is inspired by some god. The lines contain a hint ofwhat is to come; the effect of the Cyclops' action is to give the Greeks the means of escape, which is scarcely possible without divine assistance. 345· =474· 346-52.

Obviously two formulaic expressions have been combined here. LEVw cf. v. {Jv86s. 317. E~Xot;: 'an achievement of which one can boast'; cf. M. ns, 06~a (diss. Munich, 1938). ov indicates that it will play a decisive part (cf. ). The purpose of the stake is not given until 33I-2. wpo>); olive-wood is particularly hard (cf. Ar. Lys. 255). EKarram:, the reading of the aKpt{Nanpat, accepted by Meuli, Odyssee, 74· 2, is a late attempt to 'improve' on the poet perhaps inspired by Theoc. xxv '2I o; see further van der Valk, Textual Criticism, 24, who also cites AR i +opot1): L.

V. 36o. auns tropov: aon> lyw is the better attested reading; cf. van_ der Valk, Textual Criticism, 68; Stanford ad loc. is unconvincing; Ruijgh, Eliment, 46. 362. vas, lit. 'the wine stole around the Cyclops and in particular his senses'; cf. xvii 261, ll. x I 39; S. Laser, Hermes, lxxxvi (1958), 395-7· :J64-'7· Odysseus gives his name as OJn>, 'No one' (ov n>) and thus happens on a means to trick the Cyclops (414). The invention of this name (the folk-tale generally has 'Myself or 'Myself-I-did-it') is explained by the subsequent course of events, especially the scene 399-412; cf.

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