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New York: Simon & Schuster. Nelson EB, Sax KW, Strakowski, SM (1998) Attentional performance in patients with psychotic and nonpsychotic major depression and schizophrenia. Journal of the American Psychiatric Association 155: 137–9. Wexler M (1971) Schizophrenia as conflict and deficiency. Psychoanalytic Quarterly 40: 83–100. Willich M (1993) The deficit syndrome in schizophrenia: psychological and neurobiological perspectives. Journal of the American Psychiatric Association 41: 1135–58. Winnicott DW (1960) The theory of the parent-infant relationship.

Some analysts accounted for the schizophrenic illness in terms of a ‘schizophrenogenic mother’ or family (systems theory); others through ‘decathexis’, and still others in terms of the operation of the death instinct. Further complicating factors were inexactness of diagnosis, as mentioned earlier, and also a tendency, especially in UK, for analysts and therapists to speak of ‘psychosis’ rather than of the whole spectrum of the disorder, which certainly include the non-psychotic and/or pre-psychotic-episode personality trait disorder (axis II).

Patient: I had dreams over the weekend. In one I was hiking in the woods with a nondescript man and other people. The setting was like the Australian outback. It was red sandstone. There were hills in the distance and we went over to them to climb them. I went up a hill and came suddenly upon a cliff with a deep chasm marked off by chicken wire. When I got there, I saw swimming pools at the bottom of the chasm and saw people in the sky who were diving from a higher point down into these pools. Then others seemed to rise up from the bottom, climb up over the chicken wire, and dive over the side into the pools.

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