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Oogonium is shortly stalked, globose, swollen and has three layered thick wall. 12. Mature oogonium shows eight oospheres or eggs. Identification Sub-division-Algae. (I) Thallus simple, (2) Presence of chlorophyll, (3) Cell wall of cellulose. Class-Phaeophyceae. (1) Yellowish-brown chromatophores, (2) Photosynthetic reserves-Iaminarin and manitol, (3) Motile reproductive cells-pyriform and flagellated, (4) Flagella laterally inserted and unequal. Order-Fucales. (1) Plants parenchymatous with complex morphological and anatomical differentiation, (2) Medulla filamentous, (3) Absence of asexual reproduction, (4) Sex organs in conceptacles.

9. A single pyrenoid is located centrally in each of the chloroplasts. 10. Cells are uninucleate. Nucleus is centrally located between the two stellate chloroplasts which lie on both of its sides. Nucleus is surrounded by a thick and broad strands of cytoplasm. (B-14) single cell_I~_ developing gametangium A conjugation tube empty-cell cell wall -I~====il fUSing gametes Fig. 2. Zygnema. A-B. Filaments showing various stages of scalarifonn conjugation. Algae conjugation tube empty cell (gametangium) 8.

The life cycle exhibits typical alternation of generations (isomorphic). Identification Sub-division-Algae. (I) Simple thallus, (2) Presence of chlorophyll, (3) Cell wall of cellulose. Class-Pbaeopbyceae. (l) Yellowish-brown chromatophores, (2) Photosynthetic reserve-Iaminarin and mannitol, (3) Motile reproductive cell-pyriform and flagellated, (4) Flagella laterally inserted and unequal. Order-Ectocarpales. (1) Thallus filamentous, (2) Growth trichothallic, (3) Reproductive organs-unilocular and plurilocular sporangia, (4) Isomorphic alternation of generations.

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