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By Guangwu Feng

The general goal of this ebook is to improve a Gricean theoretical framework of traditional implicature in which chinese language pragmatic markers will be accommodated. It has associated goals. first of all it units out to increase a thought of traditional implicature. traditional implicature is itself a hugely arguable time period, understood very otherwise by means of numerous manufacturers of latest pragmatic conception, and is a pivotal proposal within the debates among the Gricean and Neo-Gricean theorists at the one hand and proponents of Relevance thought at the different. This ebook bargains an exemplary research and definition of what's fascinated with those present debates, and it either clarifies and 'problematises' a wide range of linked concerns. the second one target is to supply a principled and systematic research of pragmatic markers in chinese language. Markers of this kind (and a number of interconnnected different types together with discourse debris) were the topic of extreme research in recent times, and this particular research of chinese language markers is a contribution during this quarter that is of considerable significance, either theoretical and empirical.

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GUANGWU FENG 18 he has not said that q. Rather, he just makes as if to say that q. If the speaker intends to say that p but accidentally produces an expression that conventionally means that q, he says neither that p nor that q. He only acoustically utters or physically scripts the expression. Nothing is said when the speaker makes as if to say or when he accidentally utters an expression which conventionally means something which he does not intend to convey. In summary, what is said on Grice’s conception is conventional, truth-conditional and speaker-meant.

According to Grice’s much-followed precepts, what an utterance conveys in context falls into two parts: what is said is the logical content, the minimum necessary to specify the truth conditions of the sentence. For the remainder Grice coined the term implicature. The above readings are, of course, right. Grice himself was very explicit about the truth-conditional nature of what is said. When 7 According to Neale (1992: 556), Grice did not make a direct appeal to truthconditions because it would be inconsistent with his view that sentence meaning depends on a convention.

Without this assumption, communication is unnecessary (when you are aware that someone is irrational, you would think it pointless to talk to him). In a nutshell, Grice’s proposal of meaning-NN places human factors in a central position. Its implication to the study of verbal communication can be considered as a first step out of the code model because to recognize the speaker’s intention is not simply a matter of decoding. Then the question arises: How is it possible for the speaker to convey his intention and the hearer to recognize that very intention?

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