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By D Adamson, Marston Bates

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Now com plete these sentences : a) The fins serve to contro l . . b) Th e fi ns arc also used for . , . c ) Th e sensi tive organs of smell enable . . d) c) f) g) h) i) j) The function o f thc operculum , , . T he scales act as ... By means o f the inner ea r .. . The thin walls of the gill filaments , , . The lateral line serves . .. With the aid of its mout h .. , The mou th also enables . . 17 Section 4. Listening 6. Look at this diagram : 0 - epithelium- - - - - - - - - vill i -{t Stereog ram showing structure of ileum Now listen to the passage and number the foll owing in the o rder in which you hear them: a ) the size of the ileum b) the shape of the villi c) the function of enzymes d ) inside the villi e) the function o f the a limentary canal f) properties of the epithelium g) the funct ion of the ileum 7.

D) An inadeq uate supply or vitamin D can lead to bone malform ation. e) Green vegetabl es prov ide more vitamin Caner they have been coo ked. f) If food contains insufficient vitamin A. vision may be affected. g) It has been shown that lack or vitamin E reduces human fertility. h) Eggs. milk and liver provide negligible quantities or vitamin D. 5. Answer these questions with information from the table : a) What arc two po ssible reasons for reduced resistance to infec tion? b) What sho uld we eat to ob tain sufficient amounts or vitamin C?

The surface of the folds is covered with small, fi nger-like projections. Th ese arc called villi. There are between 20 and 40 villi per square millimetre. The size of the villi can also cha nge. Moreover. the villi them sel ves are co ve red with minute. hair-like projections. The effect of all these folds and projections is to increase the surface area of the g ut eno rmo usly. The total surface area is approximately 3(x) squa re metres. This very large surface area ena bles the inte stine to ab sorb food quickly.

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