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By Andrew J. Bayliss

This quantity demanding situations preconceptions of Athenian politics and historical past. It units out to illustrate that the generally bought view that Hellenistic Athens and her political leaders have been notably varied from their Classical opposite numbers is essentially incorrect. via a re-evaluation of the interior politics of Hellenistic Athens, either by way of its key associations and its political leaders, After Demosthenes presents a accomplished research of Athenian political lifestyles from 322-262 BC. Drawing on literary and epigraphic proof the e-book identifies those that participated within the governing of Athens, and their causes for doing so, and redefines the character of Athenian political ideology within the method. The major political figures, each one of whom could be pointed out with a specific ideological perspective, are explored in a sequence of biographical reports. interpreting the highbrow origins of contemporary scholarly feedback of democracy within the Athens of this era, this quantity indicates how the politics of scholarly discourse have distorted sleek perspectives of Hellenistic Athens.

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The Reception of Hellenistic Athens 37 Athens and Demetrius Poliorcetes: Degenerate Flatterers Modern commentators find the ultimate proof of the death of their ideal polis in 307 with the deification of Demetrius Poliorcetes. Condemned by critics of Athenian democracy as an indicator of the excesses of democracy, the Athenians are roundly criticized for honouring a foreigner, which is seen to be synonymous with their loss of liberty. Their behaviour is almost always seen as excessive, irrational, shameful, or downright deranged.

To the time that the race of the Lagidae failed in Egypt’. Gillies (1807) includes the Antigonids, Seleucids and Ptolemies among the Greeks, referring to the Hellenistic monarchies as ‘the Greek kingdoms in Asia and Africa’. But in nineteenth-century histories we see a sharp contrast, with authors not only critical of Macedonians and their behaviour, but also distinguishing them from Greeks. Grote (1862, vol. 8, p. 246) sees Macedonians as ignorant barbarians who could barely communicate with the outside world: Alexander .

118) countered on the grounds that Themistocles was ambitious; Pericles pandered to the people; and Phocion ‘went over to Philip of Macedon, Alexander and Antipater’. Drake was The Reception of Hellenistic Athens 31 alone in this view, and it would be considerably more than a century before the Athenians’ ideological motives for eliminating Phocion were so well understood. Gast (1793, vol. 2, p. 136) casts Phocion as innocent – guilty only of having ‘been in favour with Cassander and his father’.

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