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By Henryk Drawnel Sdb

The $64000 theoretical size of this ebook is the refinement of the concept that of the sojourner take into consideration the migrants' payment levels. even though the sociological which means of the sojourner vis-a-vis settler has now not been sufficiently mentioned within the social medical sector, the growing to be importance of sojourning foreigners shouldn't be missed. a part of the ebook illustrates the attribute styles of inhabitants routine from Japan to Australia by means of analysing statistical info. the result from the huge examine, together with extensive fieldwork carried out in Melbourne, portrays the individuality of the japanese neighborhood residing there. This paintings will give a contribution to sociology of migration and cultural trade programme and multi-national enterprise that seeks to raised comprehend the unavoidable transformation on the subject of a variety of styles of overseas migration and the emergence of latest varieties of city ethnicity.

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Frg. 2 cm; the fragment has three lines of the text preserved with only few letters in the first and third line. In the second line two words are easily recognizable, the third one is damaged. aramaic levi document: introduction 23 Frg. 2 cm; a tiny fragment with three lines preserved. Few ink dots indicate the existence of line one; line two has two words preserved, while there remains the vertical stroke of a làmed in line three. Frg. 7 cm; in the right hand side of this small fragment the leather is warped and partially damaged.

The identification of the content is impossible. Stone and Greenfield (1996a: 51) excluded it from the Qumran witnesses to the Document; the handwriting, in fact, is different from the other fragments. It is not possible to identify any single word. 4Q214a ( Plate V ) The manuscript is composed of two fragments. It is written in a formal hand and the script belongs to the late Hasmonean period, as pointed out by F. M. Cross (Stone and Greenfield 1996a: 54, n. ) Frg. 7 cm. 7 cm wide. The leather is slightly darkened.

68. The physical joining, however, is not possible to assess. 26 chapter one Frg. 3 cm. This tiny fragment preserves three lines of the manuscript, of which only two words are identifiable. The scribal hand indicates that it belongs to the same manuscript as frgs. 1–5. 1 cm. This single fragment comes from the left side of a column. The upper and lower parts of the column are missing. The left margin is only partially preserved. The leather is light. There is a hole in the leather above the final pê in line 3.

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