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By James M. Gere, Barry J. Goodno

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2 4 ϭ 3340 Ib ALLOWABLE LOAD Elongation governs. 7-2 A torque T0 is transmitted between two flanged T0 d shafts by means of ten 20-mm bolts (see figure and photo). The diameter of the bolt circle is d ϭ 250 mm. If the allowable shear stress in the bolts is 90 MPa, what is the maximum permissible torque? 7-2 Shafts with flanges NUMERICAL DATA MAX. 7-3 A tie-down on the deck of a sailboat consists of a bent bar bolted at both ends, as shown in the figure. The diameter dB of the bar is 1/4 in. , the diameter dW of the washers is 7/8 in.

80 in. 2175T Shear in the pins governs. 7-8 A cable and pulley system in figure part (a) supports a cage of mass 300 kg at B. Assume that this includes the mass of the cables as well. The thickness of each the three steel pulleys is t ϭ 40 mm. The pin diameters are dpA ϭ 25 mm, dpB ϭ 30 mm and dpC ϭ 22 mm [see figure, parts (a) and part (b)]. (a) Find expressions for the resultant forces acting on the pulleys at A, B, and C in terms of cable tension T. (b) What is the maximum weight W that can be added to the cage at B based on the following allowable stresses?

5 in. 25 in. 375 in. 73 * 10Ϫ4 in. 34 (agrees with App. 25 m with a square cross section of 90 mm on each side is subjected to an axial tensile force of 1500 kN (see figure). 34. Determine the increase in volume of the bar. 75 in. is attached to the flange of a column by two 5/8-inch diameter bolts (see figure). A uniformly distributed load from a floor joist acts on the top face of the bracket with a pressure p ϭ 275 psi. The top face of the bracket has length L ϭ 8 in. 0 in. Determine the average bearing pressure ␴b between the angle bracket and the bolts and the average shear stress ␶aver in the bolts.

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