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By Diana Cooper

The function that angels play in people's lives is explored in-depth during this insightful and informative publication. Inspirational tales inform of extraordinary ways in which angels have healed and helped contributors in the world, encouraging readers to seem to their very own dad or mum angels for counsel in existence. The hierarchy of angels can also be clarified, giving exact information regarding diverse archangels and angels of safeguard. Readers will research non secular meditations and workouts which could finally carry them toward angels and aid them find a larger knowing of themselves.

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Many of them are still open to fairies and angels. Those who no longer see them often sense them. 42 ANGELS Sheila Hurst attended an angel class. As she and her niece drove home they saw two silver-white lights in the shape of an angel swoop over the car. Sheila said they felt brilliant. When they arrived home she told her six-year-old grandson that she had seen angels and then she described them. ” And a tear ran down his face. ” and his little face is shining. SERVICE WORK Whenever appropriate, talk to children about angels and how they can help you.

At the end of the evening she came up to him, put her arm on his and was totally charming to him. A few days later he was at a meeting. A colleague was there who would never meet his eye or speak to him unless he had to. So he quietly asked his angel to communicate a message of peace and friendship to this man. ” Asking your angel to communicate with someone else’s angel can soothe the mosquito bites in relationships. It can also help to heal the wasp stings. In one workshop we asked our Guardian Angel to communicate with someone else’s angel about something really important to us.

It is time for them to be treated with respect and reverence as the special children that they are. I was heartened recently when a thirteen-year-old told me that her teacher at school talked to the class about angels. The teacher asked if any of the children knew about them. Tiffany put her hand up, spoke about angels and said that she saw them. At the end of the lesson the kids crowded round her and were fascinated to hear what she had to say. Then several of them revealed that they too were aware of angels and the spirit world but had never dared to admit it before.

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